Study in New Zealand from Bangladesh

Why study in NZ
PROMISE welcome Bangladeshi student to study in New Zealand . Because New Zealand’s education is based on the British education system and, hence, is recognized worldwide. All Bangladeshi student must know that New Zealand’s government directly controls and finances the country’s 20 polytechnics and 8 (eight) universities. This ensures compliance with state standards .New Zealand has a high professional standards, a supportive learning environment, and a focus on All Bangladeshi and all international student welfare. The New Zealand Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students sets out the minimum standards for the care and support of international students during their studies in NewZealand.
PROMISE ensure New Zealand education qualifications are recognized and highly valued by industry and community leaders all over the world and also in Bangladesh. .New Zealand has an excellent & exclusive centrally-managed quality assurance system, the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA), which requires that all institutions and University in NZ enrolling Bangladeshi and international students be registered and ensures compliance with NZ qualifications standards. A fresh outlook generates fresh ideas for all international students to be a A youthful nation, New Zealand has forged ahead in developing its own ‘kiwi’ identity and innovative ways of thinking.for local and international students.

University you can chose:

Royal Business College
Auckland University of Technology
Massey University
University of Otago
Victoria University of Wellington
University of Centerbury

Intake : All Bangladeshi student can chose intake - February/March, June/July, October/November in college there is every 2 months intake

Academic Requirement : PROMISE wants best results for VISA success for Bangladeshi students so we want academic results for
          Undergraduate Admission for Bangladeshi Students
                    S.Sc or equivalent Exam minimum      3.75 or above
                    H.Sc or equivalent Exam minimum     3.75 or above
          Postgraduate Admission for Bangladeshi Students
                    S.Sc or equivalent Exam minimum      3.75 or above
                    H.Sc or equivalent Exam minimum     3.75 or above
                    Graduation minimum                          3.0 or above
                    Masters minimum                               3.0 or above

English Requirement : PROMISE always focus on VISA success rate So all Bangladeshi students need to score good IELTS score
           Undergraduate Admission IELTS Score for Bangladeshi Students is Band score 6.0
           Postgraduate Admission IELTS Score for Bangladeshi Students is Band score 6.5

Required Documents:
1) All academic Certificates and Transcripts, original and notarized.
2) IELTS Score, with at least 1year validity.
3) Passport, with at least 6 months validity.
4) Recent photographs.
5) Application Form.
6) Statement of Purpose/ Motivation Letter & Recommendation Letter.
7) Bank Statement, of at least 6 months.
8) TAX Return, TIN Certificate and Trade License.
9) Relationship with sponsor.
10) Resume/CV and Job Experience (if required)
11) Police Clearance

Bank Solvency : Australia Govt want 1 st Blood Bank solvency. All Bangladeshi students must endorsetheir Parents, Brother, Sister, or Grandparents Accounts with source of funding with Income Tax papers. Bank statement of 20,00,000/- taka for at least 6 month old account with 3 month maturity is needed.
Working Facility : All Bangladeshi student or any other international students can work 20 Hours but on vacation they can work 40 hours.
When &Where to Apply : We advice all Bangladeshi students to start processing at least 3-4 months before the intake.


  1. About New Zealand

    New Zealand! Historically, in conjunction with the ocean, rivers and canals had been the main means of transporting goods, so records and way of life is ripe alongside the banks of the arena’s rivers. Using those historical highways to explore a vacation spot is a quieter and extra relaxing affair than the same old delivery of planes, trains and vehicles. Here are a number of the finest waterways of the arena to flow down or up.

  2. Why study in New Zealand

    The brand new Zealand education device is enormously regarded internationally recognized and has excessive academic standards. New Zealand’s education device offers treasured possibilities for worldwide college students and interns searching out an academic and private task.

    Reading in New Zealand is a wonderful manner to see the USA even as you advantage new information and skills. Publications are to be had for academic, expert and vocational studies at universities, polytechnics, teacher’s schools, secondary colleges and personal training institutions.

    For a very one of a kind outlook to education, there are several adventure schools around the USA. Usually sited in lovely places, these colleges attention on out of doors sports and activities as well as non-person developments. From scuba diving and mountain climbing to leadership and survival talents, the concern picks are inspiring.


    Growing Destination:

    Campuses are fantastically global, with students from all corners of the globe analyzing collectively. College students come from Europe, South East Asia, the UK, North Asia, Japan, South the USA, India, Bangladesh and Australia, amongst many others.

    Technically Superior:

    New Zealand gives an education to assist students take a leading region within the exciting worldwide surroundings. There are many state of the art facilities that the students are uncovered to, and with many institutions spearheading numerous new technological trends, college students have get right of entry to superior generation at some point of their educational tenure.

    Student Employment:

    Depending on the length of your path, you may be able to work in the course of the summer time vacations and for up to 20 hours according to week at some stage in the academic yr.

    You may paintings component time at the same time as analyzing complete time, under sure circumstances:

    To fulfill path requirements for practical paintings revel in, or

    Throughout the Christmas and New year excursion period if you are in a complete-time route of examine lasting twelve months or longer, and/or

    For up to 20 hours in any given week during the academic yr if you are in complete-time take a look at:

    At a private training status quo or tertiary organization and taking as a minimum academic years to finish, or

    Culminating in a brand new Zealand qualification that would qualify for factors below the skilled Migrant class, or

    At a secondary school full yr route of examine in years 12 or thirteen, provided you have got written permission out of your college and written consent out of your figure, or

    In a complete-time observe direction lasting at least six months, at a personal schooling established order or tertiary institution. Your visa or immigration officer has to be happy that the primary cause of your route of examine is to broaden English language abilities, and, you have an worldwide English Language testing gadget (IELTS) general band rating of five. Zero or above (standard or academic Module), or

    At a tertiary stage of as a minimum one academic yr period as a part of an permitted tertiary scholar trade scheme

    Fitness Requirement:

    if you are studying in New Zealand for between six months and 12 months you can additionally need to offer a finished brief entry X-ray certificates to expose you have got been screened for tuberculosis (TB).

    If you are analyzing in New Zealand for a couple of year then you’ll need to complete a clinical exam and a scientific and X-ray certificate.

  3. Understanding the Education System

    Number One School Training:

    Training is available to youngsters from age 5 and is obligatory from a long time 6 to sixteen. Number one education starts off evolved at yr 1 and keeps till yr 8, with Years 7 and eight broadly speaking presented at either a number one or a separate intermediate college.

    Maximum schools are English language medium, however some faculties teach inside the Maori medium.

    Kura Kaupapa Maori is schools wherein the important language of practice is Maori and schooling is primarily based on Maori culture and values. maximum Kura Kaupapa Maori cater for students from Years 1 to eight, and some (Wharekura) cater for college students up to yr 13.

    Secondary School Education:

    Secondary education covers Years nine to thirteen, (in the course of which college students are normally aged 13 to 17). Most secondary college students in New Zealand attend authorities-funded schools, that are known variously as secondary faculties, high colleges, colleges or location schools.

    The national certificate of instructional success (NCEA) is the countrywide senior secondary college qualification. Students are capable of obtain the NCEA at three stages thru an extensive variety of guides and subjects, both within and beyond the traditional college. For most students, the three tiers of the NCEA correspond to the very last 3 years of secondary education (Years 11-13). To advantage an NCEA the pupil should attain 80 credits at the countrywide qualifications Framework, 60 at the level of the certificates and 20 others.

    For more info click on:

    Tertiary Training:

    The time period `tertiary education’ in New Zealand is used to describe all factors of post-faculty schooling and education. There are presently 36 public tertiary training institutions, together with eight universities, twenty-one institutes of technology and polytechnics, 4 schools of training, three wananga (Maori tertiary schooling institutions). There also are forty six industry education organizations, and approximately 895 private training institutions, which encompass non-public English language schools, registered by the brand new Zealand qualifications Authority.

    Tertiary education companies meet the needs of novices of every age, ethnicities, skills and educational backgrounds. They provide publications at widely exceptional tiers, from transition programmed to postgraduate look at and research. There aren’t any fixed divisions among the varieties of guides supplied through each classification of provider. The important thing attention is on their potential to provide programmed to the specified satisfactory requirements, rather than on their organizational type

    Technical and Vocational Training:

    Technical and Vocational training is especially presented at institutes of technology, polytechnics, personal educational institutions and inside the place of work. However, a few programmers also are available in secondary schools, wananga, authorities training institutions, one university of training and numerous universities.

    Better or Diploma-degree Education:

    Better, or diploma-stage schooling is specially supplied at universities, however a few diploma programmers are also available at institutes of technology, polytechnics, wananga and faculties of education, and at some personal training institutions

  4. Educational Calendar

    The brand new Zealand primary and secondary faculty year usually runs from the give up of January to mid-December, and is divided into 4 phrases. The educational year for maximum tertiary establishments starts in February and finishes in November and is frequently divided into two semesters. Some institutions now provide a `summer season trimester’ which runs from December or January via to February.

  5. University List
  6. Admission

    Requesting for the Application form:

    You ought to begin the application technique at the least three to 4 months before the proposed date of admission. There are methods to get utility bureaucracy.

    -inquiring for software form from college web sites: maximum universities have a shape on their website which can be finished on line to request utility cloth.

    -Many universities have a downloadable and geared up to print variations of their utility forms on their websites. They can be used for applying.


    Evaluation for international qualifications:

    Whilst making use of to colleges and Universities in New Zealand, ensure that the path and the institution you’re applying to be accepted by means of the New Zealand qualifications Authority (NZQA).

    NZQA offer three sorts of evaluation for worldwide qualifications:

    1. Pre-assessment end result (PAR)
    2. Global Qualification end result (IQA)
    3. Remote places take a look at evaluation (OSA)

    To begin an application for an IQA, click on the hyperlink, practice for an internal Qualification evaluation (IQA) application.

    But in case you select to go back your difficult replica software inside the post, permit more time for NZQA.

    You can input up to five qualifications. Begin through trying to find qualifications presently listed inside the NZQA database to pick from.

    Before making use of for an assessment of your qualifications, check that your qualifications and/or the awarding body or organization is both accredited by means of the national accrediting frame within the US of a of origin, or is across the world acknowledged underneath a multilateral-governmental accord or convention (together with is the case with many maritime qualifications as an example).If NZQA is not able to realize your qualification(s) due to a lack of accreditation by way of a countrywide accreditation body or popularity below a multilateral-governmental accord or conference, NZQA will trouble you an global Qualification evaluation record in which your qualification(s)might be disclaimed, and your utility charge will now not be refunded.

  7. Most Important Exams


    It measures potential to communicate in English across all four language competencies “listening, studying, writing and speaking” for people who intend to observe or paintings where English is the language of communication.

    For extra information click:

    National certificate of tutorial fulfillment

    The commonplace front fashionable in New Zealand (additionally called college entrance or UE); students who have met them are eligible to enrol at a college.

    To meet the common front fashionable scholars need to achieve all the following:

    -At the least 42 credit at level 3 or better on the national qualifications Framework, consisting of at the least 14 credit at level three or better in each of subjects from an authorized listing of topics, with a further 14 credits at level three or better taken from no extra than additional domain names on the country wide qualifications Framework or accredited subjects.

    -At least 14 credits at level 1 or higher in arithmetic or Pangarau on the country wide qualifications Framework.

    -A minimum of 8 credits at degree 2 or higher in English or Te Reo Maori; four credits have to be in studying and 4 credits must be in Writing. The literacy credits may be selected from a schedule of accredited fulfillment requirements and unit requirements.

    It’s far viable to fulfill the commonplace entrance well-known without attaining NCEA degree three. It is also viable to gain NCEA degree three without assembly the commonplace entrance popular.

    NCEA degree three is typically finished in yr thirteen. It requires 60 credits at degree three or above plus 20 credits at stage 2 or above. To gain NCEA level 3 and meet the commonplace entrance trendy a student have to benefit the specified credit and satisfy all of the requirements listed above.

    College of Cambridge International Examinations:

    Cambridge international exam (CIE) applicants presenting A or AS levels must benefit not less than 120 factors on the UCAS Tariff and a minimum grade of D in every off as a minimum 2 subjects equal to topics within the approved list, plus a minimal grade of D in a single similarly concern either from the approved listing or related to a site on the country wide qualifications Framework. A candidate with three subjects as described who has now not reached the 120-factor minimal may also encompass factors from anybody extra problem to be had for CIE.

    A CIE candidate with an E grade or better in AS English and a D grade or higher in IGCSE arithmetic might be deemed to have satisfied the literacy and numeracy necessities of the college front trendy. (Any mathematics taken at AS degree may also satisfy the numeracy requirement. IGCSE mathematics is the minimum suitable and corresponds approximately to NCEA degree 1.)

  8. Documents Required


    You want to offer the transcripts of the qualifying examination from the issuing authority like the major or the pinnacle grasp of the faculty/ university attended.

    Do additionally mention the training machine being accompanied inside the college/ college last attended. If incase the quantity of years fall quick of the desired qualification you need to cowl that year of training via a foundation path.

    Proof of finances to help your live while in New Zealand:

    Evidence may also encompass:

    -Enough cash held in New Zealand by means of you, or in your behalf,

    -An undertaking by way of another man or woman to cowl you’re lodging and living prices (New Zealand Immigration will want to see this before you go away for brand new Zealand).

    -An project by a New Zealand sponsor to cowl your lodging and dwelling expenses, or

    -Economic help to be had to you beneath useful resource programmed operated through a central authority enterprise.

    Police Certificate:

    You have to offer police certificates in case you are 17 years of age or over and you’re proceeding to live New Zealand for twenty-four months or longer.

    Certificates are required from:

    -Your United States of America of citizenship (unless you could prove you never lived there).

    -Any U.S.A. you have lived in for five or more years since turning 17 years of age.

    For more information click on:

    Work Experience Information:

    Authentic paintings experience facts is needed from all candidates. NZQA

    Desires this statistics because:

    -Paintings enjoy is a part of, or prerequisite for, some New Zealand qualifications;

    -paintings revel in is applicable to professional registration is some professions; and

    -NZQA desires to peer whether your qualifications were obtained thru component-time or full-time look at.

    Please list all work experiences that relate on your qualifications. NZQA want to peer authentic assisting files displaying your name, your employer`s name and address, the placement held, a description of your obligations and the dates you held the placement.

    References usually contain this information. If there is not enough space at the software to include your paintings revel in, you need to consist of a duplicate of your curriculum vitae (CV, resume or bio information).

    A clear description of your paintings duties and responsibilities is specifically essential if you have vocational or trade qualifications.

  9. Visa Process

    Visa Requirement:

    To receive a New Zealand pupil Visa or student permit so you can take a look at in New Zealand you should first meet New Zealand Immigration requirements for global students. The direction or guides you would like to adopt should also meet New Zealand Immigration requirements. To get a pupil Visa or permit, you want to have an “offer of place” from a brand new Zealand education provider. The offer should consist of the subsequent:

    -The call of the course and the minimal time required for finishing the direction, and

    -Proof that the path and direction company meet New Zealand’s necessities for worldwide students.

    -The quantity of the charge for the complete path, or if the direction is longer than twelve months, the once a year charge.

    -Whether you have to pay course prices and whether the route fees are New Zealand greenbacks or overseas expenses.

    -Whether you are analyzing complete-time (20 hours every week or greater) or element-time (much less than 20 hours a week or enrolment in fewer than three papers, or equivalent, in line with semester).

    -The direction you’re looking a brand new Zealand Visa or permit for need to be accepted through the New Zealand qualifications Authority (NZQA).

    For extra data click:

    Visa for Short Courses:

    In case you need to look at an unmarried direction, that is less than three months long, you do no longer want a scholar visa. However you will want to use for a tourist visa. If you need to take a look at two or greater brief guides of observe or schooling (whether on the identical time, or one after the opposite), you need a pupil visa or allow.

    Visa for Courses of Longer Duration:

    In case you want to take a look at a route that is more than 3 months lengthy you’ll want a student visa/permit. To get a student allow you want to have an offer of region from the college you’ve got enrolled in.