Promise consultancy believed that United Kingdom  higher education is valued to all over the world and also in Bangladesh for its renowned standards and quality of education. UK higher education’s prestige and pride and  it also emanates from uks fresh graduates’ work afterward of his life. Many eminent people in many different areas whose work reached global recognition and award came out of all  British world ranked universities. Some of these universities and other higher education providers are ranked at the top among universities in the world.

Promise consultancy is providing service to all UK going students. As college in UK is a Further Education institution which prepares its students to earn degrees like HNC (NQF level 4), HND (NQF level 5) and Graduate diploma (NQF level 6)  while a university is licensed HE education the degree  is for 3 years fulltime or Part time Undergraduate bachelor degree.

As an international student like all Bangladeshi students except  European students you must know that you’ll need a student visa to study in the UK. All Bangladeshi students can apply for a Tier 4 students visa (General student), the official student visa in the UK.

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