Online GED Course and GED Class Descriptions

An online General Educational Development (GED) course tests high school level skills in language arts, math, science and social sciences. Read on for more information about GED distance learning, as well as class descriptions.

Essential Information

Many online GED preparation courses, sometimes referred to as GED-i programs, are offered free of charge. While these courses can be completed online, the five components of the actual GED test cannot be taken online and must be completed at an official testing center, according to the American Council on Education, the commission that governs the GED exam.

Class Descriptions

The following are some typical courses in a GED-i program.

Reading and Writing

Students enrolled in a reading program will learn principles of English, such as grammar, word usage and sentence structure. Some classes focus on elements of poetry, since the GED exam includes aspects of poetry and prose. The language arts GED exam is divided into a two-part writing portion requiring and essay as well as a reading exam.


Those studying for the math portion of the GED exam review basic math skills focusing on algebra, geometry, statistics, measurements and data analysis. Upon completion of this class, students should be prepared to take the two-part 50-question mathematics test, in which calculators are permitted for one section but not for the other.


Students preparing online for the science portion of the GED exam study cell formation and function, organisms, basic genetics and evolution through animated and interactive software. Upon completion, students should be prepared to take the 50-question multiple-choice exam.

Social Sciences

Commonly referred to as the Constitution preparatory course, students taking the social sciences class learn about the U.S. government through diagrams and charts. Focus is placed on civics, history, economics and geography. The social sciences portion of the GED exam consists of 50 multiple-choice questions.

Test-Taking Skills

Students taking this class learn skills for overcoming exam jitters while taking the proctored GED exams. Time management strategies are also introduced.

Online Learning Details and Requirements

Students interested in enrolling in an online GED preparation course will generally be required to complete an on-campus skills test to determine reading level. To be approved for most GED distance learning courses, students must be able to read at a ninth grade level. Once approved, students usually attend an onsite orientation seminar to familiarize themselves with the training software.

After this, all training can be completed online, at the student's pace. Many online preparation classes use Web-based instructional programs that provide students with interactive demonstrations and immediate quiz results. Instructors are typically available for assistance, feedback and evaluation.


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