Living Expenditure depends on location where you are living in. Living expenditure means monthly (1) House rent, (2) Food  (3) Electricity and Gas bill (4) Internet bill (5) Mobile phone bill (6) Laundry (7) Books and Stationery (8) Clothing (9) Bus or Taxi or Train fair (10) Movie ticket (11) Restaurant expenditure.

As a students monthly house rent could be GBP 450 to 550 per month depends on location, for Food a needs GBP 200 to 250 per month, Electricity and Gas bill could be GBP 60 to 80 per month, Books and stationery GBP 40 to 60 per month, Laundry GBP 30 to 40 per month, Internet and mobile bill GBP 70 to 80 per month, Clothing GBP 60 to 80 per months, Entertainments GBP 50 to 80 per months. All these amount is a average estimated expenditure for a Bangladeshi students.

Inside London a student needs GBP 1,265 per month that is GBP 11,385 per year  but outside London anywhere in UK a students needs GBP 1,015 per months that is GBP 9,135 per year.

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