UK university degree is recognized all over the world. It has a world class value. UK degree has huge demand all
over the world. Most popular and demanded course or degree in UK is Business, Science, Engineering, Law,
Journalism and Media, Hospitality & Tourism and Medical education.
Business course has a high demand in UK. All university or college is operating course on business for
undergraduate or postgraduate degree. Most popular course is Business Administration, Business Leadership,
International Business, Economics, International Finance, Management, Marketing, International Marketing, Banking and Finance, Accounting, Entrepreneurship, and many more new courses still lead to come.
Science course is also has a huge demand in UK and all over the world. Most popular Science course or degree is
Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Ecology, Fisheries, Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Mathematics,
Biotechnology, Electronics, Geography, Environmental science, Biological science, Anatomy, Nursing, Forestry, Food
science, Forensic science, Medical technology, Harvesting, Psychology, Physical Medicine, Computer science,
Software & Computing and many more.
Engineering degree has a world class value all over the world. Most popular degree is Aeronautical Engineering,
Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical
Engineering, Computer engineering, Petrochemical Engineering, Mine Engineering, Power Engineering, Hydraulic
Engineering, Nuclear Reactor Engineering, Space science and Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering,
Robotics Engineering, Automobile Engineering and many more
Law degree in UK is most popular degree. After successfully completing LLB the student can take BPTC and become
a Bar at Law or called Barrister at Law.
So any Bangladeshi students who want a bright future in life can select UK as a study destination because UK is the
top listed and world ranking reputation all over the world.

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