Study in New Zealand from Bangladesh

Why study in NZ
PROMISE Consultancy encourage Bangladeshi student to study in New Zealand . Because New Zealand’s education is based on the British education system and, hence, is recognized worldwide. All Bangladeshi student must know that New Zealand’s government directly controls and finances the country’s 20 polytechnics and 8 (eight) universities. This ensures compliance with state standards .New Zealand has a high professional standards, a supportive learning environment, and a focus on All Bangladeshi and all international student welfare. The New Zealand Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students sets out the minimum standards for the care and support of international students during their studies in New Zealand.
PROMISE ensure New Zealand education qualifications are recognized and highly valued by industry and community leaders all over the world and also in Bangladesh. .New Zealand has an excellent & exclusive centrally-managed quality assurance system, the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA), which requires that all institutions and University in NZ enrolling Bangladeshi and international students be registered and ensures compliance with NZ qualifications standards. A fresh outlook generates fresh ideas for all international students to be a A youthful nation, New Zealand has forged ahead in developing its own ‘kiwi’ identity and innovative ways of thinking.for local and international students.

University you can chose:

Royal Business College
Auckland University of Technology
Massey University
University of Otago
Victoria University of Wellington
University of Centerbury

Academic Calendar : All Bangladeshi student can chose intake - February/March, June/July, October/November in college there is every 2 months. 

Academic Requirement : PROMISE Consultancy Bangladesh wants best results for VISA success for Bangladeshi students so we want academic results for
          Undergraduate Admission for Bangladeshi Students
                    S.Sc or equivalent Exam minimum      3.75 or above
                    H.Sc or equivalent Exam minimum     3.75 or above
          Postgraduate Admission for Bangladeshi Students
                    S.Sc or equivalent Exam minimum      3.75 or above
                    H.Sc or equivalent Exam minimum     3.75 or above
                    Graduation minimum                          3.0 or above
                    Masters minimum                               3.0 or above

English Requirement : PROMISE Consultancy always focus on VISA success rate So all Bangladeshi students need to score good IELTS score
           Undergraduate Admission IELTS Score for Bangladeshi Students is Band score 6.0
           Postgraduate Admission IELTS Score for Bangladeshi Students is Band score 6.5

Required Documents:
1) Promise Consultancy ensure All academic Certificates and Transcripts, original and notarized.
2) Promise Consultancy ensure IELTS Score, with at least 1year validity.
3) Promise Consultancy ensure Passport, with at least 6 months validity.
4) Promise Consultancy ensure Recent photographs.
5) Promise Consultancy ensure Application Form.
6) Promise Consultancy ensure Statement of Purpose/ Motivation Letter & Recommendation Letter.
7) Promise Consultancy ensure Bank Statement, of at least 6 months.
8) Promise Consultancy ensure TAX Return, TIN Certificate and Trade License.
9) Promise Consultancy ensure Relationship with sponsor.
10) Promise Consultancy ensure Resume/CV and Job Experience (if required)
11) Promise Consultancy ensure Police Clearance

Bank Solvency : Australia Govt want 1 st Blood Bank solvency. All Bangladeshi students must endorse their Parents, Brother, Sister, or Grandparents Accounts with source of funding with Income Tax papers. Bank statement of 20,00,000/- taka for at least 6 month old account with 3 month maturity is needed.

Working Facility : All Bangladeshi student or any other international students can work 20 Hours but on vacation they can work 40 hours.

When &Where to Apply : We advice all Bangladeshi students to start processing at least 3-4 months before the intake.


  1. About New Zealand

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  2. Why study in New Zealand

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  3. Understanding the Education System

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  4. Educational Calendar

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  5. University List
  6. Admission

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  7. Most Important Exams

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  8. Documents Required

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  9. Visa Process

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